Critical Design

The theory of Social Acceleration, by sociologist Hartman Rosa is broken down into three paradigms.

Technical acceleration refers to our drive to succeed, which is an innate human characteristic. Technical points to the manifestation of using technology for this demand.

The acceleration of social change, can be shown by the increase of patterns within association, and therefore a greater rate in the exchanging of knowledge and retaining information.

The acceleration of the pace of life, refers to the amount of time we consider to have to ourselves.In the highs of Social Acceleration, which is a necessity for innovation and evolution, we must find those resonating moments and a balance between the two, or find a dynamic stabilisation.

Resonate offers the opportunity to find a dynamic stabilisation, to resonate and restore a little balance in life. A flip clock connected to a chair is continuously in motion visualising and imitating Social Acceleration. On taking a seat in the chair the flip clock gradually slows down to a complete stop, in effect giving time to oneself. The flip clock on standing up will gradually resume to the accelerated pace of life.